Manatek Russian Toys & Pomeranians

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~Roger Caras

Grande Misterio Ula La at Manatek (Imp) ~ Lula

Dam: LV Ch Grande Misterio Elie Saab

Sire:  LV, EE, Balt, RUS Ch Lambina Neskromniy Namek

Top Russian Toy 2018

Runner Up Top Russian Toy 2019

14 Best Bitch ~ 9 with Best of Breed at Championship Shows April 2018 - August 2019

Manatek Austin Tacious ~ Austin

Dam: Grande Misterio Trifolium Esmeralda at Manatek

Sire:   Furor Non-Stop Nastroi Na Uspeh

Top Puppy 2018

5 Best Puppy In Breed ~ 2 Best Dog at Championship shows July 2018 - December 2018

Fiesta Show Russian Pride (Imp) ~ Pride owned in partnership with Iveta Holyland (Ollarena)


Dam: Fiesta Show Eseniya

Sire:  RUS/LT/LV/BLR/POL CH Natalie Toys Milan (Crufts BOB 2020)

Top Puppy 2019

Best Puppy In Breed Crufts 2019

5 Best Puppy In Breed ~ 5 Best Dog ~ 4 Best of Breed ~ 4 Res Best Dog

Overseas: 5 CAC  ~  3 CACIB  ~  KERST WINNER 2019

Grande Misterio Beatrix My Soul at Manatek (Imp) ~ Trixie

Dam: Grande Misterio New Wave

Sire:  LV, RUS Ch Grande Tandem Major

Res Best Bitch Crufts 2019

6 Best Bitch ~ 4 Res Best Bitch

Trixie took time out from the show ring during 2019 to have a wonderful litter of puppies born on the 20th May 2019

Manatek Booti Licious ~ Pickle

Dam: Grande Misterio Beatrix My Soul at Manatek (Imp)

Sire:  Manatek Austin Tacious

Boston Championship Show 2020 ~ 1st PB

Manchester Championship Show ~ 2nd PB

Crufts 2020 ~ 2nd PB

Aisha Iz Beloi Rusi (Imp) ~ Eva

Dam: JCH BLR Prekrasnaya Kassiopeya

Sire:  JCH BLR Fiesta Show Piksel Iz Beloi Rusi

The new kid on the block ~ Sadly due to Coronavirus Eva has missed out on Puppy Classes but we hope that she will make it into the ring later in the year 2020 ~ Watch this space!

Grande Misterio Trifolium Esmeralda at Manatek (Imp)     Laskovaya Rus' Potemkin At Manatek (Imp)

Cookie & Temo two wonderful Russian Toys who enjoy just being at home!